How to ROCK a RED LIP!

Hi Guys!

I’ve finally started to get everything in place and get into the rhythm of shooting > editing > uploading BUT realized I’ve totally slipped off the blogging wheel! No gold star this time ya fool…!

SO, I’ve finally made a schedule (i’m a pretty unorganized) and put blogging about the products i’ve used and purchased from the videos here twice a week πŸ™‚

For those who don’t follow me through my YouTube channel yet, its ‘Coffee & Cashmere’! [that was your cue to go ‘head and SUBSCRIBE hahha].

Anyhow let’s start the ball rolling with a video I posted last week onΒ How to ROCK a RED LIP!Β Yes, rock.

Basically the entire look is centered around this boldΒ red lippy. It’s one of the timeless looks that never go out of style, and anyone can pull it off; no matter the season, time of day or skin tone!

For the red lip, I used STILA‘s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Fiery.’ For any of you who haven’t tried liquid lipsticks yet, this shizz is a must! It will literally stay on all day; rain, hail or shine, through thick and thin AND withstand any and all foods! You can’t say that about most things.. or men… HAH.Β AAANYways!


For the rest of the face, I think keeping everything else simple is best. I went with a flawless matte foundation look, and a gold eye. I think fluttery gold eyes + red lip are puuurrfect for each other.

If you guys haven’t used this foundation already, and you have oily skin.. I’m telling you now, its the best thing that will happen to you. Get on it, stat!


AND that’s it guys! So here’s to more posts (i’ll probs be spamming to blog the video’s i’ve missed thus far) and let me know what you think or you have any questions about anything.Β Ta ta for now people!

– Fel x


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