3 Summer Outfit Inspirations | 2015

Hello lovelies!

It’s that time of year where our bodies are spontaneously combusting due to this hot and humid weather, uggh! It’s hard to look perfectly put together and cute sometimes when all you can think about how to get your hands on some fruity sorbet, gelato and/or iced coffee to fend of the epic sweats. Looking fab is the least of your worries..

SO. I’ve put together my 2015  Summer Lookbook with  three  outfit inspirations for you guys! Each look has a different feel about it and I wanted to create outfits that you could wear from day through to night because let’s be honest, ain’tnobaddygottaaimme for thinking of 2 outfits in one day dude…

We filmed this at the Highline in NYC. It is absolutely stunning this time of year! I went in Winter and although it still had a majestic beauty about it, it’s definitely a different feeling being there when the flowers are flourishing and in full bloom and the thick carpet of snow has been replaced by lush green grass. I’m a Summer baby if you can’t tell…

flower 2flower 3

flower 4

Aaanyway, let’s get into the outfits shalls weeehh?

The first look has a Bohemian vibe about it. The romper is all white, with simple rectangular cutout details on the neckline, sleeves and short area. It draws in at the waist with a bow to create a really nice loose & casual fit; perfect for the Summer months when the last thing you want is anything to be sticking to your sweaty body.

IMG_0492 IMG_0486IMG_0488

I love the details on the sleeves how they slightly flare out with subtle ruffles, giving it more of that earthy-boho look.

For shoes, I chose to pair them with these Zara semi gladiator style heels.  They’re mid height which makes them really versatile for a lot of different styles and looks. The real bonus is that they’re suuuuppperrr comfortable! Something that is unheard of with cute heels hahha. The struggle is real people.


In the accessory department, I picked a few of my favorite thrifted rings. Some of the best little things are found thrift shopping, you just don’t know what you might come across. One mans trash is another mans treasure, right! The necklaces are bought. The dangly belly dancer-esque looking one is from Forever 21, and the longer crystal gem is from a store in Australia called Lovisa.

rings                Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.55.30 AM

Moving on!

This second outfit is cute, fun and flirty.

IMG_0690              IMG_0701  IMG_0698

It’s actually a really simple look, and I like to keep outfits simple and clean, but create some interest by adding a pop of color! It just livens up the mood, especially in Summer when fun and fresh colors should be experimented with the most; which can sometimes be quite tedious for monochromatic lovers like me…

The ingenious invention of the skort [short + skirt] features in this look. This particular one is from Zara and it has a middle overlapping split. The print is really cute, with little melons on it, but from far away you can’t really tell what they are. Small prints like this help to make you look thinner, as apposed to large prints which accentuate your size/figure. It’s all about the visual illusions of prints and color to help bring attention to what you want to highlight and/or downplay.


I’m walkin’ on air! Jks. Eh.

For the third and final look, I wanted to highlight the culotte. Kendall Jenner has been sporting this baby non-stop and it really gives off a kind of androgynous and feminine chic look.

These culottes are from Zara and they’re high waisted and sit right above the hip and fall to the mid calf area. They have a really nice pleat detail in the top and slightly flare out towards the bottom.

IMG_0612 IMG_0601

(Trying my best to be model-esque… HAH.)

Because the culottes are already a bold statement, coupled with the bold color, I chose to top them off with a monochromatic striped crop top with a cut-out detail.


The top is from Bardot (www.bardot.com.au), not sure if they shop internationally (apologies in advance if not!). But i’m sure you can find something similar on ASOS or Missguided etc.

The shoes give this look an edge with the studs. The thin straps help to create an illusion of thin long legs, woop woop!

shoes stud Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.04.04 PM

So that’s it guys! Really hope you guys enjoy this video and the outfits, because I had a ball filming it!


– Fel x


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