Sultry Fall Evening Makeup

Soooooo yes.

I once again have failed in the department of keeping up with posting here in a timely manner.Β BUT it’s never too late to continue right! πŸ˜€

Today i’ve come up with a sexy and sultry evening makeup look and paired it with 3 lip options so you guys know what it would look like with different looks!

I loooove lip products! SoΒ I wanted to use shades that you guys might not be all that used to – i.e.Β browny, reddy and purply colors hahah. I am SO terrible at explaining colors… I do better comparing them to food πŸ˜›

My current obsession are liquid lipsticks because they stay on the lips like no tomorrow and really cling onto your lips for dear life (in a good way!) and they’re matte, which is my favourite. I used two of OFRA’s liquid lipsticks which are nice and creamy, however, don’t stay on for as long as the Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks. I used Colourpop’s ‘Tulle’ in the video. But i love them both because the colors are really vibrant and fun.

So hope you enjoy and I promise to write again sooooon!

Ciao my bellas!

– Fel xo


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