Natural Everyday Contour Routine

Heya peeps πŸ™‚

In today’s tutorial, I’m stripping it back and taking it back to basics!

I think a lot of people are intimidated at the thought of highlight and contouring, especially if you don’t wear makeup all that often. BUT, I think it’s such a good technique to know because it really just flatters your face and makes all the difference when just a but of bronzer is applied. Best of all, it’s not hard!

I do a light bronzing and contouring routine everyday to define my egg-shaped face. It’s just aΒ 2 step process! Super simple, because yes, I am a lazy person and I like my sleep. If you’re like me, then check out my 2 easy peasy steps πŸ˜€

The Kat Von D ‘Shade & Light’ palette is aaammmaaazee-balls! It’s the only thing I use. If you haven’t purchased this already, go head girl, whatchuwaitingfoh?! – side note: Gwen Stefani is utter perfection. ok ANYWAYS.

See, told you it’s simple!

– Fel xo


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